Children and youth Services
The organization works with groups engaged in public school improvement, in and after-school programs, charter schools, youth development, and other vital programs to benefit school-age and older youth.
The organization, also reach childcare centers, family childcare networks, and resource and referral agencies to promote the expansion of affordable childcare include youth and family services.

Housing, both rental and homeownership, has been and continues to be a core business for the organization.


Affordable Housing and Homeless Services
The organization is working with community-based organizations to construct and rehabilitate residential properties for both rental and homeownership, also for special needs populations such as domestic violence victims, the elderly and the disabled, as well as to create housing for low-income tenants and social services to the homeless.

Immigrant Communities
Newly arrived from underprivileged countries, find help, and encouragement at our organization through the efforts of bilingual teachers who aid them in adjusting to their new homeland.

The organization had made a top priority services to economically disadvantaged immigrant populations that
help new immigrants participate in and contribute to the New York community.

Many of our programs are made possible through the generosity of state, federal, and private grants, your
contribution and continuous support will enable us to provide these so desperately needed service.

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