Historic Preservation

The USJF Planned Communities will attract residents through a land-development strategy that will advance historic and scenic preservation while providing affordable housing and expanded economic opportunities, particularly for people of low- and moderate-income.

In cooperation with the cities in strategic areas of the United States, the Federation will acquire vacant, dilapidated buildings, some of which are eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, and develop them for new owners, tenants and businesses.

Reclamation of vacant properties and our efforts to preserve them will become an integral part of the initiative of the U.S Federation/U.S. City partnership's community-development efforts. The cities' proactive assistance in providing vacant properties for development and resale will substantially improve real estate throughout the designated development areas.

"We will build and renovate these structures by developing the communities with religious institutions, exemplary public and acclaimed private schools, thousands of square feet of shopping space and businesses that provide job opportunities," says Rabbi Benzion Deutsch, the Federation's president. "From the beginning, planning is of utmost importance. We intend to attract businesses to the communities so that many residents of the designated areas may also work there."