The Federation will continue planning and working to establish the planned communities through meetings with city officials. Some of the planned communities will be established in what have been designated an "Urban Revitalization Areas."

The 30- to 40-square-block areas will usually be economically depressed and in dire need of redevelopment. The proposed community structures would improve the local economies. The areas often comprises boarded-up houses and businesses, vacant lots and slum dwellings.

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When one buys a home, he or she is also buying a neighborhood and a community. Today, master-planned communities are thriving across the United States, reflecting a trend in the housing market for well-planned, multigenerational and diversely populated communities for people in search of a higher quality of life. USJF
developments will be large, self-contained communities featuring recreational areas, schools and shopping.
Within these communities will be smaller enclaves of single-family and apartment homes for both purchase
(including condominiums) and rental, with a wide range of styles, sizes and prices from which to choose.
The communities will contain retail areas, government services, boys' and girls' schools, assisted-living facilities, religious institutions, hotels, lofts for artists and light manufacturing, and office parks. Waterside or other
strategically-located parks-where appropriates-will anchor the planned communities.

Planning for a Better Tomorrow at Riverwalk

Building Viable Planned Communities- Stimulating Economic Development    through Partnership.
We envision a community that will meet every budget, every lifestyle and every dream.
Why the USJF Planned Communities?