United States Jewish Federation (USJF), the new name of the United Romanian Jews of America is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization which was established in the U.S. in 1903 as a social service agency to administer the needs of immigrants from Romania. The basic articles, under which the USJF was founded and incorporated, remain part of the structure of the organization.

Today, USJF is still dedicated to helping people obtain the necessities of life and providing needy families with food, clothing and financial aid.

USJF is primarily a volunteer organization. Its Board of Trustees is composed of members of the community at large. At present, the organization has 15,000 members in the U.S. and 40,000 in Israel. USJF has several affiliated organization to conduct its activities.

The organization's main office is located in Brooklyn, New York.

During the Romanian Communist regime, USJF provided financial aid, education and religious articles to many individuals and families in Romania and Romania refugees in Israel.

At present, through an affiliated organization, "Rabbi Meyer Baal Hanes", USJF is distributing in Israel, financial aid for needy individuals and serving the needs of disadvantaged children and children with learning disabilities. In the U.S., through and affiliated organization, Zichron Shumel, USJF has a day time program for children with learning disabilities and evening program for gifted children the "Masmidim" program which is well known.

We are also in the process of establishing a vocational school to train Chasidic women in New York. Many students can not afford to pay for the tuition or the living expenses until they finish courses and are able to get a job.

USJF has demonstrated a strong capacity to raise fund and to obtain necessary community support to keep its projects moving forward.
Many members of the organization are community leaders and owners of various manufacturing and business enterprises in the U.S. and other parts of the world.

The owners of several successful enterprises, including several operated by supporters of USJF have expressed a strong interest in the USJF project and have committed themselves to lend their expertise to help USJF with its projects.

For the additional information, please contact Rabbi Benzion Deutsch as our president.